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Spa Maintenance Services

We have a variety of programs to meet your needs

Spa Maintenance Services

We have a variety of programs to meet your needs

Ensure that your spa is running efficiently year-round

Every machine needs maintenance over time to keep it in shape, especially one as advanced and sensitive as your spa. Our technicians have decades of experience handling all types of problems, and we’re happy to put our skills to work for you – just give us a call!

A variety of care programs to meet your needs

Not every spa can be maintained with the same plan. We can check your system as often as needed, whether you have a spa in your backyard, on your commercial property, or in a residence that you rent.

Our crew will be happy to customize a plan just for you – give us a call today and we’ll set up an evaluation. You’ll enjoy a cleaner, more comfortable spa for years to come!

What do your maintenance checks include?

  • A check of the water chemistry and levels
  • Balancing, with chemicals included in the monthly fee
  • All spa equipment and plumbing checked and diagnosed
  • Filter cartridge inspection, and cleaning as needed
  • Thorough cleaning of the spa and spa cover
  • Draining and refilling the water as needed
  • A comprehensive record and checklist of what we’ve done
  • On-call assistance, seven days a week

The best way to save money on spa repairs is to never need them in the first place – our maintenance programs make a real difference!

We are fully licensed as a contractor under OCB#007864. If you need help repairing any aspect of your spa, give us a call!

Maintenance available seven days a week

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